Tax Projections

Be in control of your taxes! Have tax projections put together to get a better idea of what your tax return will look like!

Wondering what your upcoming tax season will be like? You can find out now. Proactive Taxes, LLC uses cutting-edge technology and time-tested strategies to show you what your tax return will look like. You’ll not only have peace of mind; you’ll also have the opportunity to optimize your return. This is the power of being proactive — the ability to improve your outcomes and thrive financially.

Be Empowered

For many, taxes are a stressful process they only think about as long as they have to, and we don’t blame them. However, we’re on a mission to show clients across the county that it’s easy to understand what their taxes are doing and what they’ll do in the future — and all without spending hours thinking about them. When you choose our service and let us do the heavy lifting, you get a chance to understand just how peaceful your taxes can be.

Proactive Taxes, LLC is owned and operated by Patrick Gross, EA, an elite tax expert with the skill to make your taxes work for you. With his tax projections, you’ll be able to approach your finances in a whole new way and achieve your goals faster.

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Patrick is personally invested in your success and will always go the distance to provide world-class service. He’s passionate about educating and empowering you to make smart, confident decisions for your financial future. As his client, you enjoy 24/7 availability without extra charges for phone calls or emails. Schedule a free consultation with Patrick to get started today.