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Patrick was extremely helpful, personable, and honest. I had completely messed up my tax filing and now I am confident that everything is correct.

Kim F.

My questions were answered thoroughly. I felt comfortable asking many questions in order to understand my situation. Professional and personable, like asking questions of a well informed family member

Jacob H.

Patrick answered my questions very quickly and guided me through the process!

Tina L.

Patrick is patient and communicates well. Makes me feel comfortable in discussions to where I can understand. I apprecaiate that!

Stacy K.

He understood my issues and the questions that I was asking and answered them in a way that I could understand.

Steve W.

Patrick is very easy to speak to! He answers all of my questions and gives me all the information that I need! I am thankful that he is a "everyday" kind of guy. I recommend him and his personality to anyone, especially in this time of frustration in the world!

Stephanie S.

Patrick is a very helpful individual. Always answers my questions and makes me feel at ease!

John H.

He answers my questions thoroughly. I feel comfortable asking as many questions as I need to ask in order to understand my situation. Professional and personable, as if asking questions of a well informed family member.

Judy W.

Patrick is knowledgeable, friendly, informative, patient and helps me understand my own personal situation so that I understand and am in control!

Jerry D.